Patrick Stewart by Nadav Kander

Two limited edition sets of portraits of the celebrated actor Sir Patrick Stewart by the famous photographer Nadav Kander are offered for sale to raise funds for the Tew Centre.

Patrick Stewart and Nadav Kander, both Oxfordshire residents and keen Tew Centre supporters, are giving their services free to benefit the Tew Centre.

Two of these limited edition prints (1 of 6) have been sold by auction at the recent Midsummer Ball at the Tew Centre.

Portrait (B) also featured as the National Portrait Gallery 'Photograph of the Month' in London earlier this year.

The remaining five prints from these two limited editions are now for sale and may be purchased from the Tew Centre for £1,500 each. Please contact the Chairman of the Trustees of the Tew Centre, Peter Buckman, for more information.

Prints may also be offered for sale on eBay at various times over the next year.


Patrick Stewart by Nadav Kander

> Portraits (A) and (B) - Larger images

Sir Patrick Stewart by Nadav Kander
Archival pigment prints. Two portraits, (A) and (B) - Edition of 6 of each

Image size 16 x 13.5 inches
Paper size 19 x 16 inches
Signed by both the sitter and the artist